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Hello, we are currently busy your inquiries can take up to 14 days. For 2023 we still have 2 slots for customers.

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We work with 120 Artists , 40 Labels, 60 Influencer.


Our performance

Concept Development

As pioneers of the influencer, gaming, music, video and Social industries, we have a passion for realizing ideas that were never done before. And we promise to stick to our extravagant ambitions.


Being perfekt as a content creator used to be about affective decisions and luck. As pioneers of the industry, we are able to share our wisdom on brand management, channel strategy and content on many plattforms.

Influenzer agency

We do not offer off-the-shelf campaigns. Our aim is to do justice to the client's goals and interests without impairing the influencer's individual strengths and wishes. There is no other way to produce successful campaigns that the influencer is happy to take responsibility for.

Artist management

Influencer marketing is based on people with their own heads who stand up for their beliefs. We support these people in developing their potential. We enable them to master the demanding balance between professionalism and discipline on the one hand and freedom and creativity on the other.

Project Management

From small integration to gret production – our diverse team of project managers always keeps up Twitchwiregroup GmbH high standards of solution-focused and diligent planning, execution and controlling.

Campaign Management

With one of Twitchwiregroup Ltd. artist managers by their side, content creators are able to exclusively focus on their creation and vision, while organisational duties are in perfekt hands.

Music Management

twitchwiregroup reccordes Our label has been marketing artists from beginners to professionals since 2014. We promote all of our influencers and musicians. On Spotify  - AppleMusic - TIDAL -Amazon music- deezer and more. In future wie have own Studio for prodution. We support you in album, single, podcast and more.



Shop Management

From the web shop to hardware and training. 

Partner Relations

Twitchwiregroup Ltd. loves being the facilitator. Influencer placements, short film productions or studio events – we are able to assemble a dream team consisting of our many dear friends across the industry.


As part of Twitchwiregroup ltd. musican, influencer portfolio, content creators benefit from our experience in negotiation as well as our industry network including brands and perfekt sales partners.

content production

Our producers and editors are luminaries of the USA ,German, France and other YouTube, Twitch landscape. Brands are celebrated for enabling them and creators are perceived as knighted by working with them.

Blog Management

From blogs to video to music. Everyone can register with us.

Social Media Management

We offer Platforms • Facebook • Instagram • YouTube • Vimeo • XING • LinkedIn • Pinterest • Snapchat • TikTok • Reddit • Twitter Also spontaneously new or own blogs. 


Gaming Partner


Sugar Dad





Steam Games


Music Partner

Real Reedbeast Alias Heiko S.

He has been a german Youber, vlogger, streamer and songwriter for musicians since 2016. He currently lives near Darmstadt. In 2014 he founded his own agency and label with Laura and tom. He play videogames from 2014 to 2016. He is planning his first album Summer Love 2022 and performances. He plays saxophones, drums, guitar, vocals. He works part-time in the agency.

Soon come new Artists

We are still looking for staff just.

Creative Director (All Gender)

Influencer Manager (All Gender)

Praktikant*innen/Werkstudent*innen//duales Studium

Business Development Manager (All Gender)

Teamlead Content Production (All Gender)


Heiko Angelo S. Co Founder est 2014

Laura Ditzenmeier Co Founder est 2014

Booking, Admin, Front Office

Tom Schmidt Co Founder est 2014

IT and Store Manager

Anna Schmidt, Jessi Schneider, Lena Bäumer

Creative Director, Influencer Manager , Business Development Manager

Denis Sturzberger

Teamlead Content Production

Anna Steiner

Praktikant*innen/Werkstudent*innen//duales Studium






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